Cleanse Your Space, Clear Your Mind

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Spring is the traditional time to clean your space, but do you know why? Dive deep to discover why this ritual is in our culture. Learn 5 feng shui and energy medicine techniques on what you can do to clear your home or office to create space for intentions and manifesting your dreams!

The Spring Equinox is when the days and nights are equal in length. It is a reminder for us to find our own balance and oneness within. As we come into alignment, so do the yin and yang aspects of ourselves, the feminine and masculine. During this time of year, we emerge from the internal rhythms of winter and into the external world of spring renewed and refreshed.

Astrologically, it is the start of the new year and a new cycle. It is a great time for beginning new projects, planting new seeds, putting to rest old patterns and clearing stuck energy. In ancient days, this was a time full of ritual and cleansing old energy in temples and homes. This is actually where our ‘spring cleaning’ comes from! Reclaiming these sacred ways can lead us to our own self-renewal and rejuvenation.

This spring season, consider diving deeper with these 5 feng shui tips and energy medicine techniques to clear your space of any negative energy:

1. Cleanse your space: While saging a space to clear negative energy is helpful, there are two more steps that can make it even more effective. Use a bell and ring it three times to expel stagnant energy in each corner of every room. With the old energy cleared, burn palo santo to bless the space and set new intentions that serve your higher self.  

2. Healing Crystals: Put selenite in the four corners of any room, especially your bedroom, to protect from negative energy accumulating in “dusty corners.”

3. Fresh Flowers: Consider a bowl of water at your entrance to drop in a few fallen plumeria flowers or other Maui favorites. The energy of fresh flowers is healing and uplifting and brings beauty to every home.

4. Clean Your Windows: They are the windows into the soul of your home! Make sure they are clear and that you are easily able to let light in. Set the intention that this will bring in clarity and then install energetic protections around your home to keep lower vibrational energy out.

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5. Space Clearing: Consider consulting a professional to do a space clearing if the energy feels off in your home, you have had an illness or difficult transition in the past year or a breakup.

Our homes are reflections of ourselves. It is our sacred space and refuge from the world. At all times of the year, it is important to make sure to maintain a clean and clutter-free environment. Shed things that you no longer use and find the joy that someone else may find it useful. If we cleanse our space, we can cleanse our lives and minds of the old ways that no longer serve us. Homes are our natural extension and cleansing them of negative energies can in turn clear our own mind, body and soul during this symbolic time of rebirth. Enjoy the start of this new season by trying even just one of the above tips and enjoy the results!