Matters of the Heart

When we are born, we are pure innocence and trust that all of our needs will be provided for food, shelter, protection, and love. Patterns are laid down from the moment of birth, affecting how we will move through the world. How did our parental unit, or lack of one, influence us? As we grow and mature, we expand into elective relationships that may create pain or wounding. It is often from these that we make decisions about how we will live and love.

Archetypes are helpful tools when navigating this emotional terrain. The Anahata, or heart chakra, can be experienced through the archetypes of the performer and the lover. The performer archetype loves to play the game of love but is not authentic. They seek love outside of themselves and are often co-dependent, overbearing or possessive in relationships. They may build a wall of protection around themselves to keep out hurt and pain, protect their vulnerability or to hide weaknesses. This wall is built out of protection, whether for their inner child or adult self, but eventually, this wall will come crashing down.

The lover has a connection to source energy and allows for self-love to grow, dropping any experience that prompted it to shut down. They are not affected by outside circumstances because they are in touch with their own wisdom and radiant energy. The lover’s heart is open and lives life from a place of joy and peace. It is able to receive love because it loves and accepts itself as whole and complete. It knows that learning to love is a part of our soul’s spiritual awakening and proceeds on this path, being open and loving to all it encounters.

When we arrive in this world, we are in a state of connection. Life experiences create the illusion of separation. Much of the journey in life is one of remembering our natural state. We came from source energy and are still in this very moment. And so is everything else in our experience. Remembering this, we see that all things are a reflection of ourselves. The very one who harmed us actually is us! With this awareness, we can dive into the lessons of the heart and bring forth forgiveness and compassion. Resentment only harms us. Once we forgive, we free ourselves and regain our power with the knowledge that no one can really take it from us.

Anahata Heart ChakraHere is a simple exercise to help bring balance to the heart. Ground roots into the earth and bring energy up through your feet to your heart center. Imagine reaching above to the skies. Channel luminous energy down through your crown into your heart space. Breathing deeply, allow these two energies to meet and melt in your Anahata. 

In this centered state, we see that anyone who has harmed us did so because they were suffering. With compassion, we can allow healing energy from our hearts to flow to them. As they are a part of who we are, everyone involved receives deep healing. From this place of love, we experience the gift that Source has given to us as our natural birthright. We bridge the world of matter through our lower chakras with the world of spirit in our higher chakras, in the place of the heart. This is what truly matters!