5 Shaman Power Stones

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Have you ever traveled energetically into the crystal realm or other dimensions, in hopes of finding answers on your spiritual quest?

Shamanic journeying is a technique that takes you to a deeper place within yourself. Spiritual insights are revealed, past wounds are healed, soul parts are retrieved, and one’s essence is returned.

When traveling to your subconscious realms, turning to our crystal allies can provide assistance along the way.

These are 5 of my favorite go-to’s when I embark on a journey for myself or a client. Each has an archetypal energy that can assist an aspect of the journey in their own unique way.


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Labradorite - Shaman Crystal KitLABRADORITE – “The Magician”

When I was first diving into the crystal realm, I came across this iridescent beauty and was stunned by its illusionary nature. It seems a plain stone at first, but with movement, and as it catches the light, an inner golden or blue glow catches the eye. It reminds me of how we all have an inner fire burning inside, a light that we sometimes hide out of fear or shame, perhaps not wanting to be seen “in the light.” When one slows down and pays attention, this light is visible in others. When we shift our perceptions, look at things from a different angle, then the magic is revealed. It is our presence and attention, or sometimes just by chance that we are blessed to see the light.

The Magician archetype is surrounded by mystery, illusion and transformation. You never quite know what’s up their sleeve, much like the universe. When we surrender to the mystery, then the magic appears! This archetype is a visionary, creator of sacred space, an intuitive, and at times a trickster.  This crystal ally can assist us moving through unseen realms or with shadow work by purifying one’s energy with the Light!

Labradorite Attributes

  • “Bringer of the Light” – dispels darkness
  • Protective, shielding stone of one’s aura from negative influences
  • Keeps energy field clear, balanced, protected and free from energy leaks
  • Heals relationships – reveals delusions
  • Relieves codependency as it allows a better understanding of one’s self
  • May help recall of past lives
  • Aligns subtle bodies, enhancing the connection between physical and energetic realms
  • Increases intuition, enhances clairvoyance or other psychic abilities
  • Stone of Transformation and Adventure with self-discovery

Working with Labradorite

  1. Wear on your body as jewelry to increase the expansion of new levels within yourself and to awaken to your own innate magical powers. Hear messages from your spirit guides.
  2. Place on the third eye during meditation. Can assist one in journeys to the past or facilitate opening one’s vision to future experiences. 
  3. While journeying, this stone can help you move in between the worlds. Aids memory upon return of what was discovered and helps bring creation forward in this realm.


CHRYSOCOLLA – “The Communicator”

My dear friend Monica Kenton gifted me my first piece of chrysocolla in the middle of our shamanic training program with the Four Winds in 2008. I was admiring its beauty, it’s deep royal blues and swirls of lighter turquoise, greens, and browns when it slipped out of my hand and fell on the floor. It had chipped in the fall and I felt terrible. She looked at me and said, “This is your stone now. You must keep it.” I didn’t understand the message at first or why she gave it to me. I assured her that I would buy her another one when we went to Peru that summer. In time, it became one of my greatest allies. To this day, I work with this stone with my clients. The chip is still there and it reminds me that the truth comes from within. That it is our path to learn to give it a voice through the vibration of sound. 

I learned later that this is a goddess stone that speaks to the soul. It stimulates the fourth and fifth chakras to enhance heartfelt communication.  As the Communicator archetype, it assists you in speaking your truth lovingly, accessing your wisdom from deep within you, and bringing forward the right words to help assist in the emotional healing of others. 

Chrysocolla Attributes

  • Emulates sacred feminine energy in its power and gentleness
  • Amplifies sacred sounds such as mantras and sound healing, whether through sound frequencies or words
  • Calms stress, anxiety and eases trauma that may lead to sleep, digestive or emotional imbalances in the body
  • Aids in the expression of personal truth and assists those who speak in public

Working with Chrysocolla

  1. The greenish-blue of this stone looks like our planet earth. Meditate with this stone to strengthen the connection with our feminine earth mother as a living, spiritual being.
  2. Place under the occipital area, the base of the skull, to open up intuitive perception and unlock past lives.
  3. Adorn your throat area with chrysocolla jewelry to enhance creativity, increase communication and intuition.
  4. Place near your phone or in your office space to increase clear communication.                


Angelite - Shaman Crystal Kit

ANGELITE – “Guardian Angel” or “Luminous Guides”

Gazing upon this celestial stone can help one to feel at peace and calm and with the world. When I pick up Angelite, cool energy sinks down and releases any stress that I may have been having and replaces it with serenity. It feels as if I have dipped into a cool river and that all is well. 

Angelite is known to connect one with other dimensions and is useful when working on other levels to communicate with guides and luminous beings for assistance. If I am working with someone that wants to communicate with the angelic realm or get in touch with their guardian angels, then this is the stone I choose to work with. The archetype of the Guardian Angel, or Luminous Guides as I prefer to call them, is one who protects and watches over you like a loving mother. They love you unconditionally and do not judge you, forgiving all of your mistakes. It is said that you have more than one guardian angel that may have been with you for many lifetimes. 

Angelite, like a guardian angel or luminous being, can be tuned into for spiritual guidance. It can help assist you in receiving messages and is especially useful for clairvoyants, intuitive readers, and energy healers working on behalf of someone else.

Angelite Attributes

  • Use to connect with spirit guides and angelic beings
  • Enhances serenity (santosha) and peace; de-stresses
  • Clears the throat chakra and increases harmonious communication

Working with Angelite

  1. Use during meditation to increase peace and calm and decrease everyday stress. Hold Angelite in each hand and slow down your breathing, allowing Angelite’s celestial energy to merge with all layers of your being.
  2. If you are angry with someone or a situation, sit down with a pen and journal, a cup of warm tea and a handful of Angelite surrounding your items. Light a white candle and begin to write why you are angry. Start with all the things you wish you could say to the person, then pick up a piece of Angelite and begin to soften. Ask your spirit guides to begin to craft a second response and ask for help to create resolution, forgiveness, and harmony in the situation. When you are done with your letter, burn it (safely), blow out your candle, and move on.
  3. Set time aside to communicate with your Guardian Angels. You can meditate or once again journal, this time asking your guides to write through you. Ask a question and watch as the luminous ones write an answer! The answer may surprise you.

Stay tuned as I add in each crystal ally!

IOLITE – “The Visionary”                           

Iolite - Shaman Crystal Kit

PHOSPHOSIDERITE – “The Guide”         

Phosphosiderite - Shaman Crystal Kit



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  2. Love Is In The Earth – A Kaleidoscope of Crystals by Melody
  3. Sacred Crystals by Hazel Raven