Shamanic Energy Healing

I came into Shamanic healing work when I was twenty-seven years old. I had heard obscure references to it but wondered what it really was. Shamanism seemed shrouded in mystery and on some level, the idea of it frightened me. I could not explain the feeling until later when I realized that Shamans teach you to step into your power, something I had not yet done and was very afraid to do!

Nine years and many life experiences later, I realized that my greatest fear surrounding the idea of Shamanism was my ego gripping onto ways of being that no longer served me. It knew intuitively that if I went down this path, a part of me would die. When the ego is threatened, it often clings tighter. Once I began my training, what I found instead was not only a huge sense of relief, it was a feeling of coming home. The old parts of me did indeed die a symbolic death, but it was the parts that no longer served me. I welcomed new ways that held the vision of my highest potential.

Shamanism is often referred to as a calling. Despite my fears, I answered the call and my life has never been the same in a way I am most grateful for. When I began the path, I was in an unhealthy relationship that did not serve me or the other person. Within a week of beginning my training with the Four Winds, I ended the relationship with sudden clarity. Within months of beginning my two years in the Healing the Light Body program, I finished massage school and opened a small Healing Arts Center in Saint Paul, MN. Within a year I had met and started dating my soul mate and business partner. We have since married, moved to Maui, and have birthed a beautiful and sensitive child.

Opening-Sacred-SpaceSince I started this path, amazing opportunities have come into my life for which I am grateful. One of my greatest joys has become sharing this work with others. I know first hand that this work WORKS! My life seems unrecognizable today having stayed the course. We all have the innate ability to create and manifest whatever we dream or desire and shamanism is a method to help you get there. I am honored to hold space for my clients and students and watch their transformation unfold in front of my eyes. Tracking their potential destinies, we broaden the horizon to what was even thought possible before.

Four processes of Energy Medicine are used in Healing the Light Body: Illuminations, Extractions, Soul and Destiny Retrievals. This brings about healing at the blueprint level of your being. The healing tradition I am trained in is handed down from the Peruvian Shamans and is believed to clear imprints and removes blockages from your energy field. A Shamanic healing session can help to identify and shift habitual patterns that affect the four levels of self: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Shamanism healing is experiential for the individual. We hold that you are your own healer and that the shamanic practitioner is a facilitator that holds space for your transformation to occur. Shamanic Healing sessions are unique and custom tailored for each person. It is something to be experienced. Does this call to you? If so, please contact me and we can begin you on your epic journey to reveal your essence and illuminate your inner being!